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Jake McNeillie & Co. are a theatrical gothic americana band from the Northwest college town of Eugene, OR lead by singer-songwriter/guitarist/pianist Jake McNeillie. Jake McNeillie released his western themed EP "Songs of the Sage" in May of 2013. A duo was formed with band mate Aaron Forman, performing Jake's solo material, after the rest of their band "Fan the Hammer" flaked out on rehearsal. They gathered a host of musicians along the way and are currently under the moniker Jake McNeillie & Co. Aaron and Jake co-funded a conceptual seasonal LP, titled "Dream Country", which was released May of 2015. Both records were produced, engineered and mixed by Thaddeus Moore of Sprout City Studios.

They immediately got to work on the following and most current record “Delirium: A Southern Gothic Fable” engineered and co-produced by Tyler Fortier of 4-tier Productions and mixed by Thaddeus Moore of Sprout City Studios once again. 
"Delirium: A Southern Gothic Fable" is a five part tragedy that happens in the listener's mind. Delirium, the Devourer of Minds, is an entity who castes his spell upon the listener seeping their conscious slowly into insanity. Within the album are his twisted tomes of darkness on the subject of murder ballads, social injustice, desperation, and madness. 
McNeillie is a vessel for this character taking on his form, with wardrobe and make up, when performing live.


Jake McNeillie:  

Songwriter, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, keys, and harmonica.

Aaron Forman:

12 and 6 string acoustic guitar, electric guitar and cajon.

Albert Howell:

Acoustic bass, stand up bass, banjo, cello, and mandolin

Justin Lader:

Violin, viola, and keys.

Don Elkington:

Drums and percussion

Star Wrey Esparaza:

Backup Vocals





Delirium: A Southern Gothic Fable
by Jake McNeillie & Company